Play The Page is a technology that recognizes a book’s page and plays a dedicated audio recording, a video, a slideshow or other multimedia.

Think of Play The Page as a QR code scanner, but without the need to print ugly QR codes. This allows book publishers to seamlessly extend their readers' book experience with minimum investment and effort.

How does it work?

We know from experience that
Play The Page can boost book sales.

Our children book imprint Adamada used Play The Page to provide a free book reading app. The app plays audio recordings of the texts found in the books, read by professional voice actors. The lifetime sales of the books supported with the app are on average 65% better than those of other books.


Our mother company – Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe used Play The Page to provide a free text reading app for its Polish textbooks. In the year the app was introduced, GWO increased its market share in the segment by 9 percentage points, which resulted in a 40% sales boost.



  • Designed by a book publisher for book publishers (read more)
  • Extra media content for books without the need for CDs or printing codes
  • Book centered - does not work without a book and does not revolutionize the way the reader interacts with a book
  • Does not require any extra book preparation - can be applied to any book, even the ones already in stock
  • Super easy to use - designed for and tested with 2-year-olds
  • One-time payment - minimal maintenance costs

We developed
Play The Page
for our own needs.

It proved to be very successful
and now we want to share the technology with other publishers. We can create an app for you.

Your company’s logo
and colors go here

Your books go here

Your audio recording
or other multimedia
content goes here

We can also prepare a fully customized app according to your requirements or license the technology to you so that your own developers integrate it with your books.

Want to know more?

contact us at playthepage@yellow‑ to book an online presentation

Play The Page Product Showcase

Download the Play The Page Product Showcase app for free to see how it works.

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