Adamada Case

In 2014 our mother company – Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe, launched a new imprint for children books – Adamada.

In 2017, Adamada published the first version of its book companion app called Adamada Czyta Dzieciom (“Adamada reads to kids”). The app allows kids in their pre-literacy period to fully enjoy books even when there is no adult around to read for them. After scanning a page, an audio recording of a celebrity actor reading this page is played.

What needs does it fulfill?

Kids have a natural lust for books. However, when there is no adult available to read for them (parents do have a lot of chores after all), they tend to turn to other forms of play, casting the books aside.

Adamada Czyta Dzieciom allows even the youngest of kids (2 years old) to spend more time with books, listening to audio recordings of famous actors reading these books to them. This helps parents raise eager readers.

What advantages did Play The Page introduce?

  • Kids can experience the books as they normally do – looking at the pictures and listening to the story
  • Parent onboarding is very simple: downloading the app is the only step needed
  • Because of its simplicity, the app can be used even by two-year-olds
  • Because of its frugal design, kids’ eyes are focused on books rather than on the screen of the mobile phone
  • Adamada was able to provide a free app to its book owners (parents and kids) without the need of costly CD or access codes printing
  • The process of creating the app was several times cheaper than either CD or access codes print costs
  • Adamada did not need to implement any changes in the books and could still sell the books it had in stock prior to publishing Adamada Czyta Dzieciom

How did the readers respond?

The Polish children books market is very competitive and very much geared towards new titles. With most of the revenue share claimed by the distributors, publishers’ profit margins are very low and so are the marketing budgets. Despite such conditions, Adamada Czyta Dzieciom has proven to boost Adamada’s sales drastically.

On average, the titles supported with the app sold over 65% more copies than other titles within the same segment.

The app also boosts Adamada’s long term sales of the supported titles so that they sell well not only during the first months (as a new title) but also during the following years.

The general reception of the app was also very good. Because of the approach of promoting literacy, which is at the core of the app Adamada Czyta Dzieciom, everyone - from the celebrities recording their voices to bookstore owners - were very excited to work with Adamada.

In 2019, Adamada has decided to add the app to more of its books and also to provide support for hearing impaired children within the app.

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