Our Story

Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe – our main publishing house is a family‑owned company founded in 1991. We employ around 130 talented people and are proud to be the second largest textbooks publisher in Poland.

From day one we have strived to be the leader in innovation and we invest heavily in new technologies. Our daughter company, Yellow Dot, was founded to focus on research & development in the areas of book publishing and education.

There were three main factors that contributed to the creation of Play The Page:

  • Our children book imprint Adamada, created in 2014, as all new brands, struggled with early marketing and lack of awareness.
  • In 2015, we decided to provide some extra music recordings to the teachers using our early learning book series. To our surprise, back then a CD was still the cheapest and most robust form of doing it. We did not like it.
  • Jan’s (one of the owners) twins turned 2 years old and started showing great interest in books.

With all the above happening, Jan came up with a rough idea for what later become Play The Page. After some brainstorming sessions, we knew what we needed, but through trial and error we’ve learned that the existing computer vision technologies were either not reliable enough or were too expensive to fit the use we had in mind (usually both).

Jan and his twins

We’ve turned to a prestigious local university for help – the Gdańsk University of Technology and their team of 7 machine learning experts – 3 computer science PhDs and 4 computer science Masters. The development phase lasted almost 2 years. The end results: the level of accuracy, reliability and ability to recognize images even at odd angles, surprised even the academic experts.

Because Play The Page proved to be very effective in our own marketing efforts (read more here and here), we have decided to share it with other publishers (but not our competitors!). We believe it can help other book publishers too.

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