Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe Case

Our mother company – Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe (GWO) used Play The Page to provide a free text reading app SłuchApka for its Polish textbooks (ages 10 to 18).

What needs does it fulfill?

Polish language textbooks include many source texts – fragments of literature texts and poems. These need to be frequently read aloud by teachers in the classroom or by students when they study or do homework. Vocal interpretation is an important part of the learning process.

Thanks to Play The Page, GWO was able to provide its textbooks users a free app that plays audio recordings of professional voice actors reading books’ texts aloud. This opened many possibilities for entirely new classroom and self-study experiences.

What advantages did Play The Page introduce?

  • GWO was able to provide a free app to all teachers and pupils without the need for CD or access codes printing
  • With no additional security costs, GWO could effortlessly make sure that only those who possessed the printed book were able to access these recordings
  • The process of creating the app was several times cheaper than either CD or access codes print costs
  • GWO did not need to implement any changes in the textbooks and could still sell the books it had in stock prior to publishing SłuchApka
  • Because of its simplicity, the app required little support service. In comparison, time access codes which GWO uses for other projects put a lot of strain on its support teams

How did the readers respond?

The Polish textbook market is very competitive, but at the same time it has a lot of inertia. Under normal circumstances, a single publisher can gain or lose no more than 1-2 percentage points of the market share.

In the year SłuchApka was first introduced (2015), GWO increased its Polish textbooks market share in primary schools from 22% to 31% - which is over 9 percentage points. This 40% sales boost was the greatest year to year growth in GWO's 28 years history in any segment.

In 2019, GWO launched a new high school textbooks series and it also has been accompanied by SłuchApka. It is estimated to have acquired 18% of the market in the first year marking a new record for debuts in the company’s history.

The app was very well received by teachers. As GWO’s sales representatives report, when showcasing the textbooks series, there is a lot of positive feedback.

Because of all the above, in 2019 GWO decided to utilize Play The Page to support yet another one of its textbooks series.

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